Saturday, May 12, 2007

City under siege

MQM and their servile scum of followers held the city under siege all day long today as violence erupted at several places. The city had not witnessed such an outburst of violence in years and the blame squarely lies on the government and its inability to control the law and order situation which seemingly went out of hand once the first shot was fired. It is no secret that MQM used government resources in preparing for the rally, including the buses of several universities, but what unfolded before our eyes on LIVE television was simply appalling! AAJ TV caught MQM thugs taking position at Gurumander chowrangi live. Their shocking footage showed a black government vehicle, among others, laden with explosives roaming Gurumandir area. For this, AAJ building came under heavy fire by you know and was then forced to stop its broadcast. The firing continued for hours and has just ceased (7pm) according to reports.

Elsewhere, places in and around Shahrah-e-Faisal continued to experience violence throughout the day as rival workers turned the road into a battlefield. MQM has long been known to be a terrorist organization, no matter how much they try to hide their vile face, they always end up showing it on days like this. Teeth Maestro was there and then when the first shot was fired by MQM thugs on a peaceful rally in support of CJP. Read his account of the fiasco that followed here:

And then that despicable excuse for a human being - Altaf Hussain - started his speech like he was reciting a Majlis. Needless to say that he placed the blame on CJP and the opposition for the entire situation in Karachi. I can't tell you how his statements and those of his servile ministers made my blood boil !! I hope he meets his fate soon, the scumbag. Weapons used by his supporters today should only be in the hands of law-enforcement agencies, and the fact that they had an endless supply of ammunition, as reported by Talat Hussain, goes to show what kind of a party they truly are.

Arguably the lowest point of the day came when GEO reported that an ambulance driver taking a couple of wounded people was intercepted and shot dead by members of the opposing group! Another ambulance that came for his dead body was then burnt and its driver narrowly escaped himself! Shocking!! I can't tell you how pissed off I am today for not being able to do anything as my city burns while mushy and his puppets celebrate in Islamabad.

I can go on and on venting my anger on these two-bit morons who happen to be our leaders, who are willing to let all hell break loose in Karachi just to stay in power and manipulate us further. It is clear there was no law and order in the city today, and rival political workers fired at each other without being intercepted by the Police or Rangers. The situation is bound to remain tense for a couple of days further. God Help Us.

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