Thursday, May 10, 2007


A quote I heard the other day...

"I don't think you can judge people by what they think or say, you can only judge them by what they do."

So true! How often do we see people "talking" as if they're the noblest and the most honest human being alive, yet their actions (or accusations leveled against them by others) say otherwise. Perfect example in this case seem to be our politicians, lying and plotting their way into power and doing everything in their grasp to stay there.

As far as personal experience goes, I've seen people "talking" their way into other's good books; stringing together sweet-sounding sentences and kissing up to others just to make them look more eloquent and subservient. In a place like Pakistan, there's almost nothing you can't get done by dishing out some dough; a place where 'sifaarish' and 'rishwat' rule supreme. I remember on my way back from a trip 3 years ago, I witnessed ASF officials fleecing this poor African guy at the airport; apparently, he had an issue with his Passport and they were willing to let him go if he paid them a handsome sum. Although initially loath to the idea he caved in eventually, after which they took his wallet and expertly took out all the money holding it under a desk so that no one else could see. It was a sad sight - a sight typical of Pakistani servicemen.

Why do we all like to cheat so much?! Whatever happened to our character! Sometimes I think there is no hope for us - and then I fear the worst. I hope I'm wrong. How long can you sustain a nation supposedly a follower of the noblest of beings yet their common men defy all that he stood for ? Something's got to give.

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