Thursday, May 17, 2007

Aftermath of 5/12

In the wake of the bloodiest couple of days the city has witnessed in years, much is being said by all parties involved that day - mostly pointing the finger at each other. But one thing's for certain, the ruling party in Sindh (MQM) has given the most inane reason for not letting law-enforcement agencies (Police/Rangers) interfere with the ongoing bloodshed. They argue it would have resulted in even more loss of lives! Why don't they just admit that the whole thing was deliberated, that their workers roamed free with ammunition since the preceding night, blocking roads, digging trenches, patrolling the bridges on Shara-e-Faisal. In short, every thing we witnessed on 5/12 was set up so as to send a message to CJ and his collaborators that Karachi, supposedly, rests at the mercy of these bastards who can disrupt life in Pakistan's biggest metropolis at their leisure! And how conveniently have they now crawled back into their holes by closing all sector and unit offices to lay low for a while - are they not typical tactics of criminals ?!

Some links to shocking revelations by people that were there along with some news reports:

A Doctor's Account

Journalist's Account

Memories of a bloodbath survivor

Governor confirms no orders

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