Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another day, Another bombing

Today saw yet another suicide bombing, this time targeting the airforce personnel in Sargodha. It sent a shiver down my spine as I read the breaking news on BBC Online since one of my cousins is an airforce officer and works there! Thank God he's safe and wasn't on duty at that time, but that couple of minutes of uncertainty made me realize the helplessness and fear people must face in such situations and worst yet, the unfortunate people who lose friends/family in such incidents doesn't even bear thinking about!

Pakistan is turning out to be a battlefield between pro-American and pro-Taleban forces. We are sadly paying the price for a supposed "War On Terror" whose very foundations were based on evidence conjured up by its instigators from faulty intelligence - it was more like a cloak for their ulterior motives. It is indeed sad to see some people still believe what the Bush administration says even after failures of such magnitude in the form of their needless invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their hands are stained with the blood of thousands of innocent civilians in both of these countries as rightly reminded by a brave protester in this photo. They should be treated as war criminals and tried in a court of law for murdering thousands of completely innocent men, women and children.

For now, what the future holds for our country is anybody's guess. The sensitive situation is set to prevail as the military seeks to further strengthen its grip on state affairs with news once again doing the rounds of an impending declaration of emergency across the country. I hope it doesn't come to that, and let's hope we do have elections - although, again, I doubt they'll be free and fair. I can't help but think we're screwed either way! Your thoughts?

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