Monday, November 05, 2007

Mush has gone MAD!

There could be no other sane explanation for it. The lust for power has gone to this guy's head to the extent that he's now willing to break every freaking law and curb every possible independent voice in the country just so that he could have things HIS way. Sadly, as a result, the ignominy of a fourth Martial Law (under the cloak of 'Emergency Plus') is upon us; all news channels are off-air since Saturday and several lawyers, politicians and activists are under arrest or confined to their homes under duress.

Good thing they haven't clamped down on the Internet so far - or else we'd be doomed. I say that because I (and thousands more I'm sure) have been flocking on web sites to get the latest updates as all channels have been forcefully blacked-out. The common man, though, is deprived of this facility and hence has been left vulnerable to rumors like this that did the proverbial rounds today before it was dismissed by Mr. Pervaiz "I'll do anything to please the West" Musharraf. In his words, it was the "Joke of the Highest Order". You said it right Mush, you have indeed played a "Joke of the Highest Order" on the people of Pakistan. Congratulations!


Rob said...


I found your site while looking for information on the protests going on in Pakistan.

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Thanks so much,

saadill said...

Yes, we are that unfortunate lot who've seen the gloomist of the times Pakistan's ever engulfed by, courtesy the characters like Mush who's crossed every limit to serve the cause of all but Pakistan.

May we be liberated from the clutches of evil and may we be liberated soon!

JehanZeb said...

Tell me something please (in form of a posted comment). Why is it that most muhajirs support this new martial law. Also why did most muhajirs support Musharraf's last martial law or Zia's martial law for that matter?

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