Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sweet Revenge

Congratulations to Team Pakistan for an excellent victory today! I must admit I had given up hope after India had posted a 300+ total but what do ya know! Pak chased it! And in some fashion! All credit to the lads and a much-needed boost for a nation reeling from the effects of a brainsick ruler!

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jackie_chan said...

Congratulations Team Pakistan! I am an Indian, and watched the match live on TV. Pakistan played with tremendous passion, and deservedly won the wonderful match. Good cricket, and a feeling of camaraderie is what can help overcome the decades of hatred that we have been taught by the idiots and malicious criminals who dominate our society presently. We are brothers, and yesterday's match showed that without doubt. Happy Diwali to Pakistani brothers from this side of the fence. Lets meet again, in friendship, warmth, and yes, good cricket! Good luck getting rid of the tin pot dictator and his henchmen! There are many of us, who equally hate the fascists on this side of the fence, who cheer you on. Let us build one day a secular, democratic, and revolutionary South Asia.

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