Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flying home

As the semester culminates in the form of Exams next week, I'm already looking forward to it since I'm set to board a Karachi-bound flight the very next day! Yayy! As much as transatlantic travel can be mentally and physically exhausting, the sight of halal fast foods of Doha (my transit city) and the joy of being reunited with friends and family makes it all the more bearable.

Living alone has its advantages and disadvantages. You get to do stuff you like - whatever, whenever. You also tend to become a bit more responsible (supposedly) since you're more independent .... mostly because there's no one to help you out with your chores (laundry, cooking et al.) Still, I've seen people become lazier and ever so more carefree with no one around nagging them to clean up and stuff. Hey, I don't care how people live their lives or how they take care of their personal hygiene ... but it annoys me sometimes. Anyway, coming back to the topic of the post in question ... I'm really looking forward to landing back in Karachi, the chaotic, polluted streets, the kachray kay dhairs (as much as I despise them), normal left-hand driving, faster internet etc. etc. One thing I'm certainly not looking forward to is the dreaded load-shedding :(. Oh boy, that is one thing I have not missed about Karachi at all!

Life in USA so far has been pretty interesting. As soon as people find out I'm from Pakistan, they want to discuss the current situation with me and get my views on it. I have made no secret of my animosity towards the past American government, its continued support for Israel n all. But surprisingly, more people agree with me than I thought. I don't know if the fact that I encounter "enlightened" people in and around my campus is whats responsible for this sentiment or whether its a general sentiment among the public. I should write more on this on a separate post perhaps. For now, I'm excited to be going home. Karachi rocks in its own way. There's no place like it. Period.


Senilius said...

C ya soon dude!

JDèé said...

No place like Karachi, can't agree more. :)

Abbas. said...

Anxiously waiting to welcome you young man..!!

Allah Be With You Always!



Omar said...

Enjoy home. You're right, ... living abroad and independently has its advantages & disadvantages but make the most out of it while you're out there.

SAWJ said...

Oye, can you include my Tech blog in your blogroll too man?

bigtugboat said...

I know full well the joy of returning home from overseas. And I am also familiar with the feeling of love that one has for one's home town no matter how noisy,polluted and dirty it may be compared to the far off land that we are coming from...where an infinite and overwhelming loneliness was always killing us.

Saadia said...

Isn't it the simplest and truest of all facts: home (is) sweet home. Wish you a cheerful reunion...

Fahad said...

Have a nice and safe trip Razz.
i can understand your feeling of going back home after spending lonely life in states. But believe me, its an unexplainable happiness that one can have while re-uniting with our own family people. I've been in Karachi a couple of months back and I had the same feeling when I was leaving from the Seattle airport.

Razz said...

Sure thing dude


Can't wait to get home myself

Welcome to the blog! and Thanks, I intend to make the most of it (in a good way of course :P)

Uhh ... maybe :P

So true. Welcome to the blog btw.

Thanks. Home, there's no place like it.

Thanks dude. People who choose to live here having spent a considerable time in desiland have to make a lot of compromises. Given the situation in our city/country isn't ideal, but there are times when you so desperately want to be home, to be around family and friends, for friends' weddings, funerals and what not.

Senilius said...

I hate you man! :P

Yawar said...

True, man. There really is no place like Karachi.

For me, it's been 'so far, so good'. A bumpy road but who said life was easy?

Enjoy your holidays.

Razz said...

Don't care :P

Thanks man.

Senilius said...

You have a certain finger waiting for you. :D

Fariha Akhtar said...

Welcome back to Karachi ...though u must hav gone back to US by now...reading these posts quite late :)

Razz said...

Whatever dude

Thanks ... and yes, I'm back now. Got back about 10 days ago.

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