Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

I've been inundated with work these days and there's hardly enough time to watch TV or play games. But the time I do get every now and then, I spend some of it catching up on the TV series I like watching. The one that's the subject of this post is Terminator : Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm a big sci-fi fan (if you don't already know) and I heard there's a new TV series about the Terminator out, but it wasn't until I landed here in the land of the free that I started watching it online. Anyway, it's first season was really very good and got me hooked alright. The second season took a dip in the middle when the storyline just became downright boring, but boy did it finish on a high or what! Its season 2 finale aired last friday and it was a total cliffhanger I tell you! One of the best finales I have seen for sure! If you're a T2 fan then you absolutely have to see this. There's so many interesting questions it poses, and I would hate to see the series not being renewed for it's third season, which it richly deserves IMO.

Here's hoping the guys over at FOX see the light and let the show continue. There's also a Terminator movie coming out next month - Terminator Salvation. If that movie proves to be a success (I'm really hoping it is) coupled with the fact that the show ended on a high, it should be reason enough to renew the show. Here's hoping.


Kamran said...

Woah i was already waiting for the movie and now you've got me into this! I am a BIG T2 fan, so I'm gonna try and get hold of it! =)

Senilius said...

Lena Headey is hot! ;)

Unknown said...

You should! Unfortunately, it is looking increasingly likely that the show is being canceled :(

Agreed :)

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