Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pizza Chronicles

So I tried my hand at baking today with a Frozen cold cheese Pizza. The instructions seemed simple enough. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees; stick the pizza in there; let it bake (or burn) for 15 minutes straight and voila, you got a hot and delicious pizza .... NOT! Instead, it ended up looking something like this:

Oh well, I guess with every disappointment comes a lesson (South Park style). I learned something today i.e., to pay more attention this things I'm "trying a hand at" for the first time! Nothing is as easy as it seems. duh!


JDèé said...

What did you do wrong?

Unknown said...

Although I followed the instructions to the letter, it seems different ovens behave differently (like, they may take less time to achieve the same amount of heating effect). And all it takes is a minute or two extra at 400 degrees to burn that thing

Ali said...

Not bad for first timer :)

Atiya Herekar said...

Just don't eat it for breakfast. Anyways, college and bad pizza go together ;). Bin dere, dun dat.

Tazeen said...

how can anyone get wrong with frozen cheese pizza? HOW

Unknown said...

Thanks :)

I guess

Uhh .. by not being careful and assuming everything will go according to plan, and hence not checking on the poor pizza midway through the baking(read burning) process?

asma said...

ouch .. but ah well not so bad :s

AndI said it just for dil rakhna sake :P

Saadia said...

LOL. Better luck next time! Are you sure the degrees meant Farenheit and you didn't go all Celcius on it? ;-)

Fariha Akhtar said...

He of the most important rules of cooking is to keep checking! :)

Unknown said...


Yes, I am sure :)

Acha na, Pehli ghalti is maaf waisay bhi :)

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