Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Blue

I think it would be an understatement to say that I have a fondness for the color Blue. From my blog theme to the color of my water bottle, most of the things I possess are blue. Let's see ... I have different hats (topi) - all are blue; I have several pairs of jeans - most are blue; Most of my shirts (causal and formal) are blue; The color of my car was blue (before some sorry bugger stole it); My ja'namaz (prayer mat) is blue; I chose Iqbal House in elementary school because it was, you guessed it!, blue... are you detecting a pattern here?

Most of my desktop wallpapers have a bluish tone (unless they're of a celeb like this :P). I always liked facebook more than orkut because it was blue. Now all that's left is for me to marry someone blue (an Andorian like this one perhaps :P). Ok, that was a trek joke but seriously, does that tell you anything about me or my personality? Besides being overly-obsessed with one color?


Saadia said...

It tells me that you need to leave Newcastle United and supported Chelsea. Ouch? Haha...j/k!

Anonymous said...

Ohh Mr Blue what a Blueish Man U R

Senilius said...

Your ass must be blue too!

Absar Shah said...

Oooh Andorians! For people reading this, let me just say that the linked picture is highly unappreciative of true Andorian beauty, otherwise I'd totally go for one! ;)

And Raza, I wonder why SAWJ thinks what he thinks ;)

Waisybabu said...

Blue is a rather soothing color.

My current Ubuntu theme is blue. is blue. And the fact that I'm wearing a blue shirt is just about enough to seal my professed love for all things blue :P

Razz said...

Hah, good one :). But it ain't happenin!

Apni identity na chupaao ji, nahi maroon ga main :)

Screw u, its not :P

U a trekkie? I think the linked picture is ok. Which andorian female are you thinking of? :P

SAWJ is a nutbag, nuff said.

Yes, all things blue rock. There's a reason why the sea and sky are blue.

Shahnaz said...

hey man!

thanks for visiting my blog...

so here i am- cybersnooping and checking out your site... love it so far!
so you're in raleigh eh?

well howdy neighbor!


Razz said...

Wow, thanks for dropping by! Rest assured, I will by dropping by your blog every now and then :)

Yes, I'm in Raleigh. I go to State where I'm enrolled as a Phd student in Computer Science. So nice to hear from you

Nikki. said...

Ok what is up with guys and Angelina Julie?? I never get that! :P

Razz said...

And you never will! ;)

Anonymous said...

Love of blue.... well you might not end on "Once ina Blue moon" cause its blue... :)

Razz said...

true :)

Anonymous said...

Iqbal House was the red house in my school. Sir Syed was blue - and I was house captain :D
Yeah, blue is awesome! :)

Razz said...

agreed :)

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