Friday, July 17, 2009

Nawaz Sharif Acquitted (AGAIN)

Some time in the future, in a galaxy far far away

In a dramatic turn of events, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled today that Nawaz Sharif was born off immaculate conception rather than a normal one, like the rest of us.This latest ruling follows a series of acquittals in favor of the "Sher of Punjab" who helped play an important role in the restoration of Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhry last year. So, is this a case of CJ paying back? But at what cost? Justice? Our common sense?

It would be interesting to see what Mr. Nawaz would be acquitted of next, and if the Supreme Court keeps this up, he might end up being declared an infallible! Watch this space.


anas said...

This was expected. First he was allowed to return, then Javed Hashmi, then Shahbaz and now Nawaz. The CJ movement is now officially successful. I fail to understand how a sitting PM who conspired to remove the COAS while in a flight and endangered life of people onboard can be acquitted of that sin - regardless of what Musharraf did afterwards. That act, coming from a PM, is not a sin - no more!

Ammar Faheem said...

LoL @ Anas: "officially successful" but something on a more positive note - this will neutralize zardi and the ppp gangs' grip on Pakistan...

Razz said...

I thought it was well-established that he didn't let the plane land endangering everyone's life on board. But, it seems common knowledge can now be denied in the highest court of law!

More political game-play coming up. Just what the doctor ordered! :S

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