Saturday, July 11, 2009


When I visited Seattle last December, I had the opportunity to go to the SyKart Racing Center to do some go-karting for the very first time. It was one adrenaline-pumping experience and, needless to say, I enjoyed loads! So, I was on the lookout for places to do go-karting in and around Raleigh and luckily there was a place close by in Garner called Rush Hour Karting. So me and my cousin went there today and had loads of fun. The go-karts are not that big as you can gather from the picture here but since they're gas-powered (petrol for all you desis), stepping on the accelerator and maneuvering all those tight corners while maintaining your speed and doing a bit of drift at the same time is simply exhilarating! These things go pretty fast ... as fast as 40mph actually!

The ones here were 6.5 hp, but the ones in Seattle were 9hp. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience and one that all drivers enjoy. Here's a nice little video of a couple of laps at the indoor racing center:

Is it cool or what?


Senilius said...


Waise, tum se achhi main chala leta hoon. :P

Razz said...

Abay chal! Looks easier than it actually is. Kabhi mauqa mila to race lagana, aisa haaro gay kay bas :)

Senilius said...

Lagi 100-100 ki!

Razz said...

$1.2 ki shart lagatay ho, cheap aadmi! :P

Senilius said...

$1.2 million kar le phir!

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